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Challenges Of Securing Operational Ships

The challenges in securing heavily armed ships, often with helicopters and a large workforce, are huge.

SRS has been securing operational Navy ships since 2013, and are experts in mobilising at short-notice and at speed in order to provide the necessary reliable and trusted security for these high-profile ships.

In addition, being docked in London makes the security job more sensitive.

We are known for our discretion, integrity and professionalism which is why we have secured vessels for a large number of NATO navies.

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Regular Scenario Based Training

SRS carries out a program of up-to-date scenario based training to simulate real-life security breaches.
Recently these have included new training relating to:

  • terrorism
  • intruders on site

Investing in our guards with this training is imperative to ensure we minimise any potential threat and provide the fully bespoke security support that all of our clients expect.

Scenario Training with Security Dogs

Scenario Training with Security Dogs

Krav Maga Training For All SRS Guards

Krav Maga is an effective, modern, and dynamic self-defense and fighting system. It is designed to be practical and intuitive for people of any age, shape, or size.

Each new guard receives Krav Maga Training when they join us. They then receive regular follow up Krav Maga training every two to three months.

Unlike many other self defence systems, our training covers more than just fighting. The techniques expand on your natural instincts to develop skills quickly and effectively, while enabling you to address attacks under any scenario.

Krav Maga deals with key skills for security guards such as:

  • Risk and threat assessment
  • Behavioural profiling
  • importance of body language, voice control, eye contact and positioning

Most importantly, this training allows our guards to do their jobs well while staying within the law.

At its heart, Krav Maga is about giving the guards the tools to avoid physical conflict (if possible) and to engage with minimum and reasonable force if it cannot be avoided.

Security Risk Specialists Ltd believe this additional training gives their guards the edge over competitors.

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Security Dogs And Their Handlers – Partners In Protection

There are just over 32,000 Police Officers in London and only approximately 10% are armed officers.

It is currently illegal for any security guards in the UK to be in possession of a weapon. However, the Guard Dogs Act of 1975 provides for the use of dogs to guard a property, provided the dog is under the control of a handler.

Our well trained and equipped security dog handlers can be trusted to deliver excellent and reliable service throughout the day and night. All the security dogs and handlers are fully vetted, licensed and expertly trained. Dogs are trained to protect the handler, and therefore allow the guards to safely challenge an intruder.

Under instruction from a professional security dog handler, a dog offers an additional deterrent to ward off trespassers and prevent security breaches. At SRS we know from experience that often the visual deterrent of a guard with a dog is enough to put most criminals off!

SRS also encourages the use of body cameras on guards working in isolated areas or vacant sites. These give us a visual and audio record from the Point of View of the guard.

The combination of guard, dog and body camera working together are a powerful deterrent.

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SRS Wins New Contract For Top UK Coach Company

SRS is proud to be working with one of the UKs largest private hire coach companies.

City Circle provides top-quality coach services to the leisure, corporate and tourism markets. They have recently relocated their Headquarters to Hayes, West London. The new premises will also house their fleet of top-end private coaches.

Based on an Industrial Estate, Security Risk Specialists will provide 24 hour security support, 7 days a week. Security will include the latest CCTV installation as well as around the clock guarding.

SRS Head, Yair Daren, comments,

We are delighted to be expanding our work to cover different areas of London and to be working with such a prestigious client. We understand the business and have created a bespoke security plan to ensure we meet requirements and become an extension of the City Circle team.

Inside Hotel Security – Balancing Safety and Luxury

Inside hotel security: balancing safety and luxury

Managing hotel security is a balancing act. A visible security presence provides guests with reassurance that both they, and their possessions, are safe during their stay. On the other hand, guests want to relax and enjoy their stay and not be made to feel nervous or oppressed by the security measures in place.

Security in hotels, particularly in the UKs capital and major cities, has recently come under scrutiny after a spate of terror attacks and threats.

Viewed as potential targets, hotels should be seeking to exercise increased vigilance and existing measures reviewed and bolstered if necessary,

explains Yair Daren, Head of Security Risk Specialists (SRS).

We know that tourism to London has been affected with many guests cancelling their planned summer trips.
The New York Times even ran an article, How to Travel Safely and Keep Calm where it described the “steady drumbeat of terrorist attacks targeting tourist attractions and events” being an “anxiety-provoking proposition”.
The article goes on to question, “Given the environment, is travelling safe and even worth it?”

Specialist security must therefore be put in place. Hotels provide a complex security challenge. The space is large, holds a high volume of people yet due to being extremely client focused they offer free access to most areas; excluding bedrooms.

SRS provides a unique mix of Israeli protection with British manners. Daren himself has operational expertise with counter-terrorism, protecting physical facilities, protecting diplomatic staff and high profile individuals and is a former Army Officer. All SRS guards are therefore trained to react in a professional manner using minimum force on the one hand, while also providing excellent customer services to our clients. On top of the standard SIA Training, additional training is given teaching Israeli Krav Maga and also self-defence techniques.

There are also numerous high profile examples of breaches in hotel security, proving nobody is immune.
Reality star, Kim Kardashian, was held at gunpoint at Hôtel de Pourtalès in Paris and claims over $10m in jewellery was taken.

Eight men and a woman are currently in high-security prisons after being caught thanks to a combination of DNA and CCTV evidence.

CCTV is one area of hotel security where the latest technology has had a real impact. The free Wi-Fi that some hotels are now offering, as standard, also means those hotels can position their cameras in locations that have traditionally been hard to reach for hard-wired systems. As long as the network antennas are set up to transmit to a chosen far-flung location, such as the back of a car park, a camera can be installed and in the event of an incident. Digital images are also far easier to search through than traditional CCTV recordings.

Daren continues,

SRS, unlike other companies, is able to offer a complete security service. Our CCTV installers not only assess the site but provide cutting edge equipment, all installed out of reach and ready to record. We are sensitive to the desire for hotels to have discreetly fitted cameras and to conceal the cameras as much as possible and allow guests to be care-free on their travels.

Drug taking and prostitution are also common problems faced by hotels. Prostitutes sitting in a hotel bar is not in itself illegal so guards must have experience in profiling guests and dealing with tricky situations sensitively and calmly.

Corporate and Hotel environments command a specific set of skills from those working in this area.

As a reputable provider of security door supervisors in London, we make sure that we live up to the expectations of the Corporate and Hotel clients demand. Our staff are our biggest asset and we therefore make sure that we provide tailor-made training to our personnel while also continuously testing them and rewarding displays of excellent performance. We train and deploy teams for Front of House positions in London Hotels, Corporate Office Environments, Department stores, Shopping centres, providing 24/7 security guarding and concierge services across and throughout London.

Daren explains.

In short, to provide a comprehensive security solution for hotels you must understand the unique set of challenges, and with this needs to come a bespoke plan for guests, and staff alike, to feel secure and happy in their environment.


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The Challenges of Securing Vacant Sites in Central London

Security insight for Commercial Property Land Owners, Property Brokers, Property Surveyors and Management Companies:

Security Risk Specialists share their experience on “The Challenges of Securing Vacant Sites in Central London”

Read the full case study at SRSLondon_CaseStudy_EmptySite-Central-London.pdf

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Why Brexit could be damaging for our security industry

Why Brexit could be damaging for our security industry…

Pre-Brexit British citizens could move easily to another EU country and citizens of EU countries equally free to move to the UK and according to the 2014 Labour Force Survey, 79% of the 1.73 million EU nationals living in the UK were in employment.

The UK was rocked by the seismic decision to leave the EU with many facing economic uncertainty as a result and whilst there has been no immediate impact the next few years will reveal the real outcome of the referendum result.

It is highly likely that the UK will negotiate a deal for the free movement of people for the benefit of its economy, but given the anti-immigration stance of many Leave supporters, this will probably be one of the most contentious issues and is hard to predict. In addition, many commenters say it’s likely that British immigration controls could then ‘cherry-pick’ its immigrants, giving preference perhaps to say French and German immigrants, with Romanians and Bulgarians getting a far shoddier deal than their British colleagues.

Yair Daren is the Israeli-born owner of Security Risk Specialists and he is concerned about how Brexit will directly impact the security industry in the UK. He explains,

Many of our workforce are highly trained, foreign workers. It is likely that people will need new documentation to work in the UK and this isn’t going to be straightforward.

He advises,

If you currently employ EU workers you should ensure that they have the right to work in the UK and have all the necessary visas and checks in place for non-EU Nationals.

The rights of EU nationals living in the UK looks set to be a major hurdle for the Brexit negotiations.

Former Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith said:

How can EU citizens’ rights be guaranteed under EU law when EU law won’t run in the UK? No other independent and sovereign country in the world would agree to a thing like that.

University of Portsmouth colleagues Professor Mark Button and Peter Stiernstedt in a recent published article highlight potential problems that Brexit might bring. These include impacts on the working time directive (hours worked and paid holidays), equal pay, maternity rights, TUPE protections, health and safety, public procurement and employees’ rights to information and consultation.

As the authors recognise, clearly they would not all disappear in the event of a Brexit, but many would become viable targets for the Conservative right wing that would be likely to be leading our government in the medium term.

Most alarmingly might be their concern that it may lead to a watering down of regulation within the industry.
Daren comments,

The security industry has long suffered with a reputation of poorly trained heavies doing long hours with poor pay. There has been a positive shift in organisations now seeking the proper accreditation from approved bodies such as SIA and implementing rigorous training for staff. In the light of recent terrorist attacks in the UK, such as the Westminster attack and the bombing at the Manchester Arena it is frightening that there is a possibility of a return to poorly motivated guards with insufficient training. This is a truly worrying future.

Security Risk Specialists aim to raise the standards of security and customer service, and do so by investing in the practice of its personnel. In addition to the standard SIA Training and ISO 9001 accreditation, SRS training includes exercises such as Israeli Krav Maga and also self-defence techniques.

This approach stems directly from Daren’s time serving as a Lieutenant, on the frontline, in the Israeli Armed Forces. He has operational expertise with counter-terrorism, protecting physical facilities, protecting diplomatic staff and high profile individuals.

“In Israel stop and search patrols and highly visible security is a way of life,” explains Daren, “a tailored security approach could well become a new reality for the UK.”

In the last few days we have seen shopping centres on high alert and concert venues postponing performances. Car parks have been closed and random checks put in place.

Daren argues, “Rather than cut back on security it is something that should be firmly on everyone’s agenda. Increased terrorist activity means we should bolster security and invest in the front line who guard events and premises and know how to respond swiftly and decisively.”

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Dog unit protects Islington business from third robbery

Dog unit protects Islington business from third robbery

At 11pm one Saturday night just before Christmas we received a panicky phone call from the owner of a media agency based in Islington. His office had just been broken into for the second time in a matter of days.

The first burglary had also taken place at night. A gang of thieves on mopeds had gained entry by using hammers to smash one of the office’s huge glass windows. They vandalized the office before making off with around 12 Mac computers. These were loaded into a car parked discreetly around the corner by one of their accomplices before they fled on their mopeds.

The 5 Golden Rules For Personal Safety In London

The 5 golden rules for personal safety in London

Just last month The Evening Standard report several recent cases of women being attacked in broad daylight in exclusive areas of London, disturbingly on one occasion a mother was targeted as she was taking her two year old daughter out of her car in Hampstead. This is alarming for parents and for women in particular and in light of this we hope the below tips might be useful for individuals to be increasingly vigilant when out and about in London during both the day and night.

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