Our Team

Yair Daren
Founding Director

Yair brings his expert knowledge, gained from over 20 years of security experience, to the team. He is half British, half Israeli, and was responsible for commanding many front-line operations when he served as a Lieutenant in the Israeli Military. Educated with a BSc from the University of London, Yair’s intelligent approach to security ensures excellent delivery to every client.

Luis Oliveira
Operations Director

Luis oversees all aspects of operation management within SRS, including providing a bridge between clients and security officers. His strong communication skills and excellent customer service make him an outstanding representative of the company to new staff and to high-profile clients. Regularly trained in Jiu-jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts, Luis is in the perfect position to oversee the training of new staff and to instil them with our unique company culture.

Susie Lupescu
Office Manager

During her six years in administration and management, Susie has developed excellent organisation skills which are vital to running the busy SRS office. She oversees HR management and organises a variety of office operations and procedures, including approving supply requisitions. Her team-oriented mentality combined with her strong problem solving skills means she is adept at streamlining processes in order to maximise efficiency in our working practices.

Anton Petkov
Operations Manager

Anton uses his experience of operations and vetting to manage staff screening and vetting for SRS. Previously responsible for vetting staff at Deliveroo’s HQ in London, Anton brings a unique approach to our team. His enthusiasm for sports and fitness, along with his friendly and hard-working nature, means his values accord perfectly with our company culture.

Christina Fleischer
Marketing and Communications Manager

A graduate of Oxford University, Christina’s diligent approach and excellent communication skills make her pivotal in the company’s marketing and communications. She uses her extensive experience to promote the company’s brand in her digital marketing initiatives. Her passion for clarity of communication at all levels gives her an outstanding ability to convert ideas into words.

Patricia Anisko
Recruitment Manager and HR Support

Patricia has a background in multiple recruitment and HR roles, and is responsible for the careful selection of security staff who reflect the company’s ethos. She uses her excellent eye for people to ensure that the necessary talent and skills are found for every aspect of the company. Patricia also provides valuable operations support on special projects, working in conjunction with the Operations Manager and the Founding Director.

Anthony Yaboah
Head of K9 Department

A former military cadet, Anthony has worked in the dog industry since 2004. His skilled handling of security dogs allows him to get the best out of this key asset for protecting our clients. Anthony brings passion and expertise to the team, and excels at integrating dogs into our holistic approach to security.