Luxury Brands

Luxury Brands

In Brief

Unlike other commercial sectors, luxury brands in London expect to maximise their customer’s buying experience. With that in-mind security personnel standing guard for luxury brands must be brand-fit and aligned with the ethos of the brand.

Security Risk Specialists is proud to be providing security guarding services to luxury brands across London, from luxury watch boutiques in Mayfair to fashion designer retail stores in Knightsbridge, we successfully cater for luxury brands by applying our unique approach to suit each client’s needs. Our service includes a rigorous recruitment process where only the most suitable personnel are selected.

However we do not stop there…

We then continue with bespoke training workshops to equip our guards with the highest level of customer service and etiquette. We then continue by checking guards have responded positively to the training they have received by testing them and when we are sure that full implementation has been successful only then we deploy guards to clients.

We understand fully that in order to be the best security services provider for luxury brands, our guards must maximise customers’ buying experience and exceed expectations.

Furthermore, all our security guards are immaculately dressed shaved and groomed in line with the brand identity so you can rest assured Security Risk Specialists will be the best choice for your business.


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