Event Security

In Brief

Secure your London premises and enjoy the peace of mind you require with our smartly dressed, well presented and groomed events security guards.

Security guards are a necessity for exhibitions, conferences and events in London. Visitors value the presence of a welcoming and reassuring security guard and appreciate being met by a well- mannered, highly presentable and friendly face. Not only will a well groomed security guard enable exhibitors or event organizers to make just the right first impression, but they will also provide peace of mind and support ensuring an event runs smoothly, guests are pointed in the right direction or given assistance if required.

The quick reactions and situational know-how of our events security team mean that your premises and event will be safe and secure, whilst our staff pride themselves on their professional, friendly manner which will leave your attendees feeling comfortable and at ease throughout.

Our security guards will be well equipped to address unwelcome intruders and will react quickly to calmly diffuse and correct any given situation where necessary. However, in our experience their presence can often act as a sufficient deterrent so unwanted encounters can be avoided and events run smoothly without disruption.

Welcoming and Greeting

Our smartly dressed and well-presented security guards for events, exhibitions, private functions and galas are all trained to a high standard to present a warm, comforting welcome to attendees, colleagues and guests at the door. The presence of security means that only the people you want to can get in and any opportunists are turned away gently.

Parking Management

For certain events, you may feel that organised parking is a necessity and we can cater for these duties. Our security guards are more than happy to assist with clients’ requirements, just let us know what you need when arranging to hire our staff.