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Concierge Service in London: Securing Your Way To a Better Day

You never get a second chance to make a first impression!

Our Concierge Service can be tailor made to suit each individual site or company. We adopt the company’s ethos and provide a bespoke and comprehensive site instruction manual to give our Concierge personnel detailed guidelines about how best to welcome and greet staff, visitors or residents, and the duties involved in each particular Concierge service.


Our Concierge Service can include the following duties:

  • Front desk meet & greet service
  • Telephone service
  • 24 hour emergency call response
  • Receiving, logging and distributing incoming parcels and packages
  • Key holding service
  • Car park monitoring and patrol
  • Regular site patrols
  • Monitoring CCTV security systems
  • Taxi reservation service

Please call us now for a free quotation, and see how your organisation can benefit from using our impeccably dressed and groomed personnel to provide you with a top class service.

A visitor’s first impression of a company is often formed in the lobby or reception of that organisation.  A stressful or unpleasant experience on arrival can have a detrimental effect on business whereas a pleasant and comfortable experience can start a relationship on the right footing.  Our Concierge Service is unique because our Concierge personnel are actually trained in grooming and etiquette, hospitality and customer service as well as Security.  They can provide a client with the whole package – personable, professional and presentable and able to maintain an extremely high level of service at all times.The best kind of Concierge Service will keep clients safe without having the appearance of traditional security which can, in this environment, sometimes be off-putting. Although protection is fundamental to an effective concierge service, there are many other elements involved, and at Security Risk Specialist we pride ourselves on working with talented and motivated individuals who are committed to providing first class customer service as well as protecting a site from intruders, disturbances or unwanted attention.  We can provide a 24 hour concierge service in London and Greater London which is designed to improve the well-being of residents, visitors or employees and assist them in carrying out their daily routine with ease.


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