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SRS and the Royal Navy- delighted to be promoting equal opportunities

The Royal Navy is the United Kingdom’s Senior Service and consists of over 30,000 men and women taken from all walks of life.  The diversity of what the Royal Navy does means that the strength of their abilities and achievements lays in the diversity of their people.  The Royal Navy states that they ‘champion equality of opportunity for all, and provide an inclusive working environment for everyone, regardless of their race, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation.’ As perhaps the l

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Security Risk Specialists Ltd (SRS), a London-based Security Guarding company, is proud to have won a contract for the provision of security and concierge services for a luxury residential development in central London. Home to beautiful residential buildings, a canal and two of London’s loveliest parks, Regent’s Park is undoubtedly one of the capital’s most desirable locations. With its leafy surroundings and strong community feeling it is sometimes easy to forget that such a peaceful

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The importance of having Standard Operating Procedures at a London Security Company

Standardisation is often defined as an activity that gives rise to solutions for repetitive application to a situation or problem in a number of varying disciplines.  Broadly speaking, the activity consists of the process of establishing (determining, formulating and issuing) and implementing a standard.  Therefore, standards are the most perfect result attainable of a standardisation activity and within the context of quality systems consists of quality documents or documents related to that

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Krav Maga Training for SRS Security Guards in London

Krav Maga is a modern physical defence system developed in the years after World War Two. Its effective and powerful counter-attacks make it an excellent tool of defence, and for this reason it is widely employed by the Israeli security forces, as well as by Security Risk Specialists’ to train its guards. (more…)

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The Hidden Cost of Holidays

The recent Easter holidays in the UK meant a two-week break for schoolchildren, which many families take advantage of to go abroad. But how do such school holidays and other public festivals, such as Christmas and Guy Fawkes night, affect the burden placed on security guards in the bustling city of London and elsewhere in the UK? This blog post will explore the reasons why public holidays might compromise home security, as well as looking at the solutions which Security Risk Specialists can offe

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Brexit and the Security Industry in London and the UK

It’s impossible to turn on the news these days without tuning into discussions about Brexit. Recently the talk has been about obtaining an extension for the UK’s exit, with a new date of 31st October 2019 set for our departure from the European Union. Although there has been much discussion about when we will leave, the implications of Brexit for specific sectors have been largely unexplored. (more…)

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Crime on the Holloway Road and Security Prevention Measures

In May this year it was revealed that Holloway Road, in the Borough of Islington, was among the three London streets most affected by moped theft. This type of crime involves criminals targeting bystanders distracted on their phones, often mounting the pavements on their mopeds to snatch the phones or other goods out of their hands. (more…)

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Only the best for her Majesty

This week saw the Queen pay a special visit to London’s West India Dock to board the HMS Sutherland to mark 20 years since the warship was first commissioned. Anyone who has been a loyal follower of Queen Elizabeth II will know that The Royal Navy has played a huge role in her life. In addition to being a Naval wife, she has also been a Naval mother, daughter, and granddaughter. (more…)

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Challenges Of Securing Operational Ships

The challenges in securing heavily armed ships, often with helicopters and a large workforce, are huge. SRS has been securing operational Navy ships since 2013, and are experts in mobilising at short-notice and at speed in order to provide the necessary reliable and trusted security for these high-profile ships. In addition, being docked in London makes the security job more sensitive. (more…)

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