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Dog unit protects Islington business from third robbery

At 11pm one Saturday night just before Christmas we received a panicky phone call from the owner of a media agency based in Islington. His office had just been broken into for the second time in a matter of days.

The first burglary had also taken place at night. A gang of thieves on mopeds had gained entry by using hammers to smash one of the office’s huge glass windows. They vandalized the office before making off with around 12 Mac computers. These were loaded into a car parked discreetly around the corner by one of their accomplices before they fled on their mopeds.

The robbery was over in a just a few minutes. We suspect the thieves were aware that the response time from local police is around eight minutes. And, as the office is in a quiet side street they knew they were unlikely to be disturbed by passers-by.

The second robbery was almost identical. This time the moped-riding burglars smashed a different window, (the first window was still boarded up). On this occasion, there was someone working late on site. He needed no second invitation when told by the robbers to run away. They knew that even if the police were called they would be long gone before the flashing blue lights arrives. So it proved. Again, the offices were damaged and valuable equipment stolen.

Within an hour of receiving the owner’s call that night we had a dog unit on site protecting the premises. We agreed that this dog unit (licensed dog, handler and car) would cover the building on evenings, weekends and the New Year bank holiday.

But this wasn’t the end of the matter. Only days later the premises were targeted for a third time, presumably by the same gang. The handler and dog were patrolling inside the premises when they heard the sound of mopeds approaching. They went to the front of the buildings and when the thieves saw the handler and barking dog they immediately made off on their mopeds. The dog unit had proved an effective deterrent.

The client was delighted that we were able to protect their office from yet another break in. This is what their chief operating officer said:

“I required a Security Dog Unit at very short notice and made contact with Security Risk Specialists on Saturday at 23:00.

“Yair and his team responded extremely quickly and provided a Security Dog Unit within one hour of my call which meant that we could continue to operate with minimum interruption to our business. Security Risk Specialists continued to secure our site on a daily basis thereafter and we were very pleased with their attentive service.

Yair and his team provide professional and reliable service and I would be very happy to recommend them.”

For more information about our dog security services do not hesitate to contact us.

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