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Hotel Security in London

Hotel management is, without doubt, an extremely challenging role. The continual movement of guests, in whichever guise that may be, leaving and entering the premises is problematic when considering the safety and security of those users and the hotel employees.

For its guests a hotel should be a secure, comfortable and trusted environment within which they can go about their business or simply relax and embrace their stay. It is a management priority and responsibility to ensure their hotel not only portrays a building of safety and functionality but that it is also capable of dealing effectively and efficiently with subsequent challenges it may encounter; discreetly and without fuss if possible, but overtly should the need arise. Managing Hotel Security in London is therefore a delicate balance requiring professional, competent and trained Security Guards from an established London Security Company.

Hotel Security in London has come under scrutiny over recent years, as have other cities, following heightened terrorist threats across the United Kingdom. With prominent hotels in locations such as Knightsbridge, Marble Arch, Park Lane, Hyde Park and both Regents Street and Regents Park being particularly famous for high profile guests this also makes them attractive as soft targets for crime or terrorism. The clients who gather in these locations are often on holiday, relaxed or enjoying an evening out. The key challenge for hoteliers is the ability to implement the most stringent security measures and procedures that have no obvious impact upon the guest experience; a problem that is particularly demanding at the luxury end of hotel star ratings. That said, such locations are usually adept at possessing top-class security systems; the ability to evidence that higher level of security measures is viewed as an important selling point to guests.

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Security Systems versus a Physical Security Presence

Security systems and measures are a valuable commodity but they require 24/7 monitoring by an experienced Concierge Company in London or specialist Hotel Security London company. Security measures that cannot be acted upon can be extremely damaging for a hotel. The use of fake cameras, faulty alarm systems or inexperienced Security Guards in

London will likely fail in the event of an incident and potentially damage the reputation of the hotel.

The following list is imperative and further reading can be found on the link beneath it.

  • Hoteliers should ensure they have a robust threat assessment procedure in place and crisis plans are prepared and rehearsed. Security operations require flexibility to enable a suitable response to changing or emerging
  • Security checks and the use of CCTV require sensitivity and
  • All staff must be trained to identify, inform and respond to any suspicious activity or incident.
  • Staff should remain visible, thus giving peace of mind to guests and deterrence towards criminal activity.
  • Incorporate security features into the guest experience but avoid security operations intruding on guest’s
  • Outsource specialist tasks to a Security Company in London who can provide trained and vetted Security Guards experienced in Hotel Security in London. Ensure the Security Guards are trained in guest interaction; a Concierge Company in London will provide the most appropriate personnel who are capable of combining top London Hotel Security with impeccable customer

Hotel Security in London is required full-time and manned guarding by a reputable Security Company in London provides the best form of security. Not only does it provide guests with piece of mind but surrounding areas such as car parks and other vulnerable exterior sites are able to benefit from a physical presence and thereby deter would-be offenders. Hotels inevitably include amenities such as bars, gambling areas and restaurants which subsequently attract non-resident customers; evenings and weekends are often busy with alcohol-filled guests, some of whom become mischievous to say the least. Popular areas including the City of London, Kings Cross, Trafalgar Square and Victoria are locations where those wishing to relax or enjoy a meal co-exist with those who don’t! The integrity of the hotel and its associated amenities remain important and subsequently benefit by the presence of London Security Guards who provide Security for Restaurants or Private Members Areas.

The previous list states the importance of an external and specialised Security Company in London in providing impartial advice on security planning and training. Additionally, a Security Company in London will provide Security Guards who are highly proficient in the following roles and responsibilities within a London Hotel Security environment:

  • Internal and external regular and detailed patrols. These not only reassure guests and deter potential offenders but act as a proactive and early warning measure against fire, water and weather damage
  • Authorised room checks
  • Customer and Staff crime and harassment prevention
  • Access control
  • Discreet monitoring of guest behaviour
  • Proactive, discreet and positive action against alcohol induced anti-social behaviour
  • Swift resolution to health and safety issues
  • High standards of personal decorum
  • Monitoring of security cameras
  • Concierge duties to the high standards expected of a London Concierge Company in the prevention of fraud, tampering and data theft
  • Door supervision
  • Check calls to the Security Company in London to ensure the integrity of the Security Guard patrols

So what other benefits does the involvement of a Security Company in London have over surveillance equipment? Well, cascade training of staff to implement security awareness programmes goes some way to corporate proactivity in the securitization of the hotel and working environment where, sadly, it is occasionally the staff who are the offenders. A Security Guard from a London Security Company providing security or concierge duties is capable of using the 10-5 rule. The same procedure may be used by all staff and works as follows:

From a distance of approximately 10 feet away a staff member or Security Guard smiles and makes eye contact with a guest.  The member of staff further closes the distance to 5 feet whereby the guest becomes verbally engaged by way of offering assistance. A criminal does not like to become noticed or engaged in conversation. Conversely, a genuine guest sees the approach as friendly and secure and reacts in a positive manner.

Security priorities have altered over the years with people travelling further and carrying more valuables than before. The financial impact upon a business traveller being incapable of performing their duties resulting from a security incident is far greater today than before. Furthermore, the internet allows bad news and affected reputation to travel globally within an incredibly short period of time if situations are not handled promptly and effectively.

In addition to a Security Company in London providing advice and Security Guards, Hoteliers work with other external agencies including the police and National Counter Terrorism Security Office. Project ARGUS provides information to Hoteliers relevant to security issues and encourages information sharing with other hotels; below is an example of one set up in Hammersmith.

Hotel Security in London is big business and should be conducted with the respect it deserves. Just like other aspects of the security industry it is often underestimated and is considered as something to which lip-service is paid as opposed to an integral part of a business plan. A professional Concierge Company in London has the ability to combine guest interaction and front of house with the contribution of significant safety and security measures in the creation of an efficient hotel environment. In addition to the more widely known locations of popular and high-end hotels discussed earlier fantastic hotels exist in the areas of Baker Street, Holborn and Marylebone where Central London is on the door step, public transport is in abundance and Security for Restaurants is comparable to other London locations.

Please contact us for more information about how to protect your premises.

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