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How Safe and Efficient is your Business?

Covid-19 has had an accumulative effect upon businesses and industries as a whole, culminating in a real acceleration of pressures on public services and those who support them. As we re-enter a second lockdown period, and perhaps not the final one, the risk of social unrest is highly likely.

As the world carries on we can consider two stances: sit back and take stock of the implications of the chaos or continue forward with resilience and confront the issues. Business resilience and continuity plans should go hand in hand with business security, evidence of which presently exists in the public sector as much as it does within the private one. Security Companies in London continue to provide public reassurance at critical settings where they play key roles at NHS Nightingale Hospitals, Government buildings and industrial estates in increasing public confidence and assisting in the coordination of a safe environment. It is crucial to promote the essential role that the security industry plays in public life in a diverse sector that incorporates everyday securitisation of varying locations such as office buildings and business premises, blocks of flats and residential apartment buildings, shopping centres and retail stores.

However, this is not about Covid. This is about the importance security plays in your business plan; the pandemic is merely a conduit that has assisted in security awareness, an often under-appreciated and over-looked necessity.  It is that of the office building or residential apartments seeking continuance of the reassurance of safety and security from the building owner in what can be termed having a ‘healthy building’. The terminology describes the health, safety and security features of a building and especially so where that building houses employees, residents or the public.

How do you make sure people feel safe?

As humans we like to feel safe and secure in whatever it is we are doing at that time; a fundamental factor in life’s wants and needs.


Whether that person is a member of the public visiting a shopping centre or a tenant living in a residential apartment building located in a vulnerable or high risk location they must feel able to go about their business. In the case of employees within Government buildings, office buildings or other business premises the employer or building owner should ideally allow them the ability

to conduct their primary work.  If concentration and efficiency is interrupted on a regular basis or at critical moments then the importance of their work begins to come secondary to outside influences. Whilst it is accepted that we should all share the responsibilities of keeping our home or work environments safe and secure it is far easier and effective if dedicated personnel are given that important task. A professional London Security Concierge is able to provide all that is required with well trained, attentive and highly motivated Security Officers who have the willingness and commitment to act in a responsible and timely manner and work in collaboration with Office Building staff and Residential Apartment Buildings occupants to achieve a good, successful service.

What are the benefits of using a professional London Security Concierge?

When it comes to running highly demanding office buildings and business premises, Concierge Services in London can be extremely useful and an important tool in the seamless overall efficiency of the building.

A Security Concierge Company isn’t just a fancy term for a Security Guard or reception assistant; it is a concept that offers much more. The popularity of a London Security Concierge has increased immensely within numerous businesses and sectors and includes the following types of buildings:

Exponential increases of London Residential Apartment Buildings and loft buildings which combine domestic and business lifestyles into shared utility spaces have meant the role of the London Security Concierge receptionists have adapted to facilitate these new 24 hour environments. The role is a niche function incorporating blends of physical protection, courtesy and diplomacy.

The use of Concierges for front of house security is becoming a necessity in ever increasingly busy environments and where Security Industry Authority (SIA) vetted and authorized London Security Concierge staff provides excellent

skills. Although the below site is specific to security during Covid-19, it is clear to see how a Security Concierge Company can facilitate such measures at any time for your building.

An accredited Concierge Company in London will have many attributes on offer and the following list is not exhaustive:

  • Physical security – the mere presence is perhaps the greatest deterrence to would-be offenders engaged in crime and even acts of terrorism terrorist_policies_of_the_Metropolitan_police
  • Reassurance – the ability for staff in Office Buildings or Business Premises to concentrate on their primary tasks without unnecessary distraction and peace of mind for those living in Residential Apartment Buildings and Blocks of Flats that their environment has a firewall
  • CCTV monitoring and oversight – facilities may be capable of securing an area with numerous cameras and smart access control systems but these do not account for the human factor of guises that come to light in shaping public perception of your building
  • Fire Control Monitoring – although a legal requirement in many Residential Apartment Buildings and Office Buildings for electronic monitoring to be installed, the ever presence of a London Security Concierge member should not be under-estimated in the ability to organise and direct staff or residents in the event of an emergency
  • Deliveries – the control and acceptance of daily and time-consuming mail movements
  • Conduit of Communications – a reliable and knowledgeable coordinator who can act as a Single Point Of Contact (SPOC)
  • Ancillary Aggravations – for example fly-tipping, drug users, vagrants or other vulnerable people can be monitored or assisted as

In summary, the contents of this blog portrays the distinct advantages of a London Security Concierge in a time where construction is of great magnitude, living and office space is at a premium and businesses strive to meet the deadlines and efficiency that the global environment demands. People and businesses are vulnerable and at a time when the psychology of personal health, finances and general life stresses are perhaps at their greatest since the cessation of the World Wars, the necessity of being safe and secure could not

be higher. The potential for civil unrest is not known following a new lockdown and the threat of terrorist attack remains severe. As the owner or operator of Business Premises, Residential Apartment Buildings or both within the London region the use of a Security Concierge Company can only but develop the efficiency and security of businesses; remembering that security and risk management plans compliment business resilience and continuity.

Please contact us for more information about how to protect your premises.

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