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Lone Wolf Attacks

Yair Daren, head of Central London based security firm, Security Risk Specialists, shares his insights and top tips, on ways to bolster your own security in the wake of the recent Westminster attack …

Last week terror struck at the very heart of Britain and its Government. London was its usual bustling mix of tourists and workers and in an attack that lasted just 82 seconds Kahlid Massod killed four and injured many more.

As the dust settles and investigations are underway it emerged that Kahlid Massod had planned his atrocious crime. Metropolitan Police investigation unveiled CCTV footage of Massods’ SUV driving around several times around Westminster in the run up to the attack and documents including photos of Parliament and maps of Westminster Bridge and the surrounding area were found. Like so many crimes this shows it was premeditated rather than a random attack.

So how do we, as Londoners, best secure ourselves and our property?

Regularly change your routine
Information gathering is key component prior to criminal or terror attacks and so changing your patterns of behaviour such as number of guards/security personnel, level of security checks frequency of patrols etc can all contribute to creating uncertainty and confusion with a potential assailant.

Deterrence is key.

Security Guards are a deterrent for would-be terrorists and criminals alike. The greater the security measures in place the less likely an attack will take place.

Daren states.

Security guards are an important aspect of deterrence. There is no doubt that burglars and vandals will think twice about breaking into your office, home or vacant building if you have security guards on site. Guards’ physical presence and ability to react to situations make them far more effective than CCTV cameras and access control measures alone.

Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment is vital in identifying potential threats. We know that Masood acted alone and Met Deputy assistant Neil Brown has described his attack methods as, “based on low sophistication, low tech and low cost techniques…” Sadly that did not make his attack any less deadly.

A professional, and fully accredited security firm would be invaluable in identifying the potential threat to a particular institution or company. Security Risk Specialists train their guards using the Krav Maga drills and techniques.

Krav Maga was developed for the Israel Defence Forces and is known for its focus on real-world situations and its extreme efficiency. We know that these specialist methods better equip our guards to deal with an assailant…

explains Daren.

Make security part of the culture
Seemingly simple duties such as checking bags, requesting that all staff members carry appropriate identification, and visitors are logged in systematically are measures which enable organisations to keep careful track of who is inside the building at any given time. Furthermore these procedures also discourage unwanted visitors from attempting to enter. Measures should be rigorous enough to ensure the safety and protection the client and property requires, yet at the same time flexible enough so not to cause an inconvenience to staff and visitors.

Know your area
London is a densely populated, 24 hour city and security measures must be proportionate and bespoke.

We design security procedures based on the specific client`s needs, making sure they protect the people and property yet pose minimum disturbance to the day to day running of operations

says Daren.

In the wake of the Westminster attack Thames Valley Police chief constable Dave Hardcastle said, “…the Force believes that it is proportionate and necessary to put in place extra security measures to further protect and support the public…this is consistent with security deployments in London.” Security Risk Specialists offer residential patrols, special event support, security dogs and also work with accredited alarm and CCTV installers to ensure your property is effectively secured.

Security should be seen as an extension to your office set up and team. Effective security measures are designed to serve a real and crucial purpose as well as to provide a deterrent

concludes Daren.

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About Daren
Daren has over 15 years security experience in both public and private sectors as well as operational expertise with counter-terrorism, protecting physical facilities from buildings and offices to protecting diplomatic staff and high profile institutions combining close co-operation with the police

About SRS London
Security Risk specialists is a Central-London based Manned Guarding company accredited to ISO 9001 and SIA Approved Contractor standards.
Established in 2013 and bringing over fifteen years of security experience in the private and public sectors in the UK and oversees, Security Risk Specialists objective is to provide a high-end security service to individuals and institutions alike.

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