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SRS First Aid Training – Highlighting The Importance Of Decision-Making Under Pressure

The last year has seen many businesses and industries being forced to close their doors in an attempt to keep people safe and to ‘do their bit’ in assisting an over-strained National Health Service.  With this in mind it may cause the odd eyebrow to rise when trying to comprehend why a Clerkenwell Security Company is carrying out challenging First Aid scenarios at a corporate client’s offices during this period.

First Aiders are trained in the basic recognition and treatment of a variety of injuries that may, and often do, occur in the workplace. Most situations requiring First Aid attention are minor and can be dealt with sufficiently enough to negate the attendance of an ambulance and the inevitable long wait at busy Accident & Emergency departments.  The necessary skills can help to save lives, prevent a condition from worsening and to promote recovery; all three being the fundamental elements of First Aid training.

However, a number of workplaces still require the ability to remain open and accessible to ensure key workers and essential services continue where necessary. Though current government advice suggests working from home where possible it is evident that some businesses and industries are unable to do so. Consequently, employers need to feel safe in the knowledge that the staff is able to benefit from a timely and professional First Aid response; especially so with the relaxation of lockdown measures rapidly approaching.

Having assessed that the venue in question was suitable for the purpose of maintaining Covid-compliant training, Security Risk Specialists (SRS), an established London Security Company, had the foresight to seize the opportunity of the vacant office space in order to carry out refresher and scenario-based training prior to the offices becoming fully operational in the near future.  The use of the space was fully endorsed by the client whilst serving two purposes; having a number of London Security Guards on the premises and evidence of the London Security Company displaying its commitment to continuous development of guards skills. The initiative of the proactive approach towards staff training by SRS attracted praise and appreciation from the client and was well received.

While many of SRS`s guards holding First Aid certifications (valid for three years), the as a London Security Company, it remains committed to the continuance of training in all areas, striving to exceed the requirements set by the Security Industry Authority (SIA), who implemented mandatory First Aid training as a necessity for newly-qualified Security Guards with effect from April 2020.

The importance of First Aid training for Security Guards in London cannot be overstated and with realistic scenarios and role-playing taking place within the actual physical environment where the Security Guards work, their spatial awareness and familiarity of surroundings can only but enhance real life performance should the need arise.

Security Guards trained around numerous scenarios throughout the day and dealt effectively with extreme conditions including unconscious victims and use of defibrillators for cardiac arrests.  As a London Security Company that thinks outside the box, SRS Security Guards also undertook bespoke scenarios such as treating those members of the public becoming inadvertently injured whilst trespassing on the premises or committing criminal acts.  The Guarding Company in London acts within the law at all times but recognises its duty of care towards the public. Furthermore, training was undertaken on some of the client’s equipment commensurate with the London Security Guard areas of responsibility.

The training was conducted in a fun manner but with the emphasis being on situational awareness and dealing with what it is you are presented with.  All those, regardless of seniority within the London Security Company, attend training sessions.

Trusting your Clerkenwell Security Company will ensure that the Security Guards looking after your business are motivated and client-driven and offer much more than security services.  Whilst primarily there for the safety and integrity of the building and anything within it, these driven individuals work well as a team to implement an agreed security plan that, in turn, compliments your business plan.  Furthermore, the Security Guards will respond effectively and efficiently to any emergency where medical assistance is required and provide an interim response until the arrival of further specialised help.

A Red Cross survey found that a mere 16 percent of people possessed the confidence to assist an unresponsive person and one who wasn’t breathing.  SRS Security Guards are confident, motivated and trained beyond the minimum standards expected within the security industry.

SRS takes the safety of its clients and all those it comes into contact with, in utmost seriousness.  A part of that responsibility includes training and being the best that you can.  Continual training leads to great ability and efficiency and reduces stress levels in real-time scenarios.

In addition to Security Guards, Concierge Services are available for Offices in London and Residential Blocks of Flats.  Clients requiring a Farringdon Security Company can take advantage of the First Aid and Fire Marshall trained staff; as can any other client at their request.

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