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SRS in Hampstead: A Case Study in Protecting North London

A few months ago, we published a case study exploring how we protected residents in Surrey from repeated burglary attacks. We described how we used security dogs alongside patrols to deter the thieves who had successfully struck many times in the past. The venture was a success, with no more possessions being stolen while we watched over the neighbourhood.

We have had similar success in protecting another prestigious neighbourhood recently, this time in the residential area of Hampstead. This blog will explore the different approach we have taken to protecting this neighbourhood, and why.

Hampstead is a hilly area in North London, known for its leafy vistas, boutique shops, and the Hampstead Heath. It is also famed for being the home of numerous celebrities such as David Mitchell, Helena Bonham Carter, and Gwyneth Paltrow, who can often be spotted on the Hampstead High Street. It is thus one of the most highly sought-after areas of London. Being close to Central London, it is much more densely populated than Surrey and therefore requires a different set of solutions. While both areas were suffering from repeated burglaries, we wanted to tailor the residential patrol to each location, rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach.

For example, we decided that the use of security dogs was not appropriate due to the relatively close quarters in which the residents were living. Dogs can prove very effective in covering great distances, with their speed and keen sense of smell even from afar. We deemed them unnecessary in this case as we were protecting just one road.

Instead, we began regular patrols with our diligent security guards. This has involved not only the core element of our residential patrol service, namely our highly-trained guards, but also our patrol cars equipped with strobe lighting. As is widely known, strobe lighting produces a more intense beam than an LED light, making it a more effective tool for illumination. This beam is produced by xenon gas, which allows for greater luminescence. Furthermore, a flashing strobe echoes the light patterns of a siren, so acts as a deterrent against thieves. This works alongside the police colours which adorn our cars, providing further deterrence. We have found that using a strobe alongside these patrol cars is very effective at putting off potential burglars, who prefer to operate in the dark.

In fact, since these patrols began, we have had a 100% success rate in preventing further burglaries. The residents had previously been repeatedly targeted by thieves who stole several valuable cars from the area. Part of the effectiveness of our service comes from our dedicated mobile phone service, through which our guards can be summoned within 2-3 minutes: significantly faster than the police. We also offer a service in which more vulnerable residents can be accompanied from their cars to their doors, if they call in advance of their arrival. This bespoke service means our guards get to know the residents on a personal level, which also makes it easier to identify and challenge suspicious persons in the neighbourhood. The presence of our security guards has therefore allowed these residents to restore their peace of mind. We have been so pleased to see them able to enjoy this wonderful neighbourhood of North London without further threat to their property.

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