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SRS Wins New Contract for Luxury Residential Development in Central London

Security Risk Specialists, a London-based Security Guarding company, is proud to be working with a prestigious new residential development in central London, providing 24/7 around the clock security and concierge services.

Located in Clerkenwell, a stone’s throw from the city and surrounded by a bevy of excellent shops, trendy bars and top restaurants, the modern, luxury development caters to the needs of both short-term and long-term residents, whether business travellers or private users.

SRS will provide 24-hour security guard support, 7 days a week 24/7. Our mission is to provide quality security services and qualified personnel to meet the unique needs of each one of our clients. Given the residential nature of this project, SRS is focusing on striking a balance between top-flight security and protection as well as elegant front of house security services.

We are not a mass employer of security guards but instead recruit, select, and train only those individuals whose orientation and motivation are in congruence with our Mission Statement. Our highly trained force consists primarily of former military or police personnel as well as other law enforcement personnel with years of experience and dedication.

Security will include the latest CCTV installation as well as around the clock guarding, ensuring that we keep the premises secure, but in an inconspicuous way. SRS will also provide car park monitoring, 24-hour emergency call response and a key holding service.

In addition to our security plans, we will be concentrating on ensuring the highest level of concierge customer service to our residential development customers. All our staff are always impeccably dressed and are trained in business etiquette and customer service. They combine just the right amount of professionalism and friendliness, providing a complete service that extends beyond receiving visitors and security.

Our tenets of top service include:

  1. Willingness: we shall endeavour to also answer a request with a ‘how soon’, rather than, ‘that’s not something we can do.’ Where there’s a will, there’s a way.
  2. Commitment: Commitment is the unrelenting dedication to find a way to make it happen, no matter what “it” is.
  3. Readiness to Take Action: to paraphrase the Nike® tagline, great concierge services “just do it.”

A story that illustrates all three of these qualities was printed in The Four Seasons Field Guide To The World Of The Concierge, and goes something like this: A guest told a concierge, “Your cheeseburgers are really great here. I want you to send one to my brother who lives in Bahrain. And oh yes, I want it to arrive hot.” The concierge’s response: “Would that be cheddar or blue, sir?”

  1. And finally, we always seek to Make it Personal: for an excellent concierge service, it’s always personal—meaning they bring all aspects of themselves into their work to get the job done.

For full details of the London Concierge Services we offer go to Concierge Services or call us on 020 3004 4189.

For full details of 24/7 our Security Guards London services go to

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