Security Risk Specialists Ltd (SRS), a London-based Security Guarding company, is proud to have won a contract for the provision of security and concierge services for a luxury residential development in central London.

Home to beautiful residential buildings, a canal and two of London’s loveliest parks, Regent’s Park is undoubtedly one of the capital’s most desirable locations. With its leafy surroundings and strong community feeling it is sometimes easy to forget that such a peaceful enclave is a short distance from the bustling West End. It is not a traditional nightlife destination; however, with an abundance of acclaimed restaurants and pubs and a ten minute walk from Camden Town, it is an excellent location to reside without quietness being compromised. With easy access to main transport routes the convenience of travelling only amplifies the attraction of Regent’s Park.

SRS will provide on-going security guarding and concierge support 365 days a year, our mission being to provide quality security and concierge services and qualified personnel to meet the unique needs of each one of our clients. The focus and objective for SRS will be the delivery of balanced and effective premier security and protection in unison with attentive and customer-driven front of house services.

Our security guards and concierge staff are recruited for their positive attributes which include maturity, motivation, discipline, decision making and teamwork; their orientation being in congruence with our Mission Statement. Our highly trained team primarily consists of former military personnel and civilian police officers, who together, bring a huge spectrum of experience, skills and knowledge to their role.

In addition to non-intrusive but highly effective security the latest CCTV installation will ensure the integrity of the premises and its occupants, complimenting one another to keep the risk of potential criminal offences occurring at the lowest possible level. Naturally, as a professional and established company, SRS will provide any necessary car park monitoring and operate an emergency call response.

In addition to our site-specific security plans, equal levels of detail will be implemented on delivering the highest level of concierge customer service to our residential development customers. Impeccably dressed and trained in business etiquette and customer service, SRS provide the correct amount of professionalism and friendliness without over-familiarity to ensure a complete service that extends beyond receiving visitors and security and dutifully assists in the monitoring of health and safety.

As an accredited company, SRS will provide the residential development with the following:

  • Physical security – the mere presence is perhaps the greatest deterrence to would-be offenders engaged in crime and even acts of terrorism
  • Reassurance – the ability for those living in residential buildings that their environment has a firewall
  • CCTV monitoring and oversight – facilities may be capable of securing an area with numerous cameras and smart access control systems but these do not account for the human factor of guises that come to light in shaping public perception of your building
  • Fire Control Monitoring – although a legal requirement in many residential buildings for electronic monitoring to be installed, the ever presence of a concierge member should not be under-estimated in the ability to organise and direct staff or residents in the event of an emergency
  • Deliveries – the control and acceptance of daily and time-consuming mail movements
  • Conduit of Communications – a reliable and knowledgeable coordinator who can act as a Single Point Of Contact (SPOC)
  • Ancillary Aggravations – for example fly-tipping, drug users, vagrants or other vulnerable people can be monitored or assisted as required.

With a ‘can do’ attitude, SRS will persist with a level of excellence in maintaining the necessary and expected standard of security and concierge services for the client in this exciting partnership and we look forward to a successful working relationship.

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