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Striking the Right Note – Balancing Staff Personal Health and Property Protection during Covid-19

Post-lock down but at a time when the Government continues to increase precautions in affected pockets of the UK, this article seeks to address the fine balance of health versus property protection; both of which can, and have been, affecting business productivity and financial independence during the pandemic.

The contents of this writing not only consider the impact upon businesses but those providing the security in and around minimally staffed or vacant buildings, offices and sites. As responsible citizens who are mostly complying with social distancing measures we continue to learn how to adjust to new ways of work amid consequential realities of online meetings and other such unorthodox means of going about our business. Furthermore, this has been achieved with little or prior training or warning. Importantly, one of the best approaches of coping with the Covid-19 restrictions is the avoidance of any physical and mental wellbeing deterioration. As business owners, managers or practitioners the following of Government guidelines found at may assist in such avoidance.

Of course, whilst working from home is best practice and should be followed where appropriate the fact of the matter is that work places become vulnerable to attack, susceptible to natural damage via leaks or faults and the absence of office security can begin to contaminate our emotional and mental wellbeing. Comparative to other events on a global scale Covid-19 is impacting significantly on how we see our personal lives and the way businesses are operated. Notwithstanding the personal tragedies, the economic changes caused by impending restrictions or lockdowns are undoubtedly going to cause emotional, personal and psychological challenges. Generally, London security presents its own issues at the best of times but with vacant premises office security and general site security becomes a focal point when considering the balance of staff health and business protection. covid-19

Aside from the physical aspect of testing positive for Covid-19, the general health of staff is of utmost importance, more so when faced with uncertainty of employment or the inability to earn sufficient money to achieve the status quo. Clearly, employees who are unable to perform at their most efficient as a result of detrimental physical or mental health are not likely to remain confident or motivated. The ability to maintain a safe and secure work environment goes some way in assisting a positive attitude in a return to work.

‘Not only is there a big human cost of poor mental health at work, there are also knock on impacts for society, the economy and Government. Employees are losing billions of pounds because employers are less productive, less effective, or off sick.’

Quote sourced from Thriving at Work Government Report:

Critical Reverse Prediction

At a time of unpredictability the realities of critical reverse prediction are evident. Working from home is still a preferred option to assist in the avoidance of Covid-19; closed environments are known to be a factor in contributing to secondary transmission of Covid-19. But what are the consequences of maintaining this work arrangement? The most obvious factor is that office security is minimised with an abundance of empty offices for burglars, opportunist or planned, to target or those intent on causing damage and disruption to property to do so unchallenged. Not only is the subsequent damage or loss of property inconvenient but increased insurance costs inevitably follows. As an addition to the stresses inherent upon us all since March 2020 critical reverse prediction is the likely outcome as the ‘what ifs’ run through the mind. That is, using predicted outcomes of scenarios based on knowledge, statistics or instances and facing the shock of reflection on how the incident could have been avoided. Utilising the services of a security company in London can work towards maintaining a safe and secure business in the absence of a fully- functional workforce or provide reassurance to depleted numbers of staff by controlling access and monitoring visitors to ensure compliance of Government guidelines and necessity of attendance and in the prevention of crime.

Although of particular value during the present climate trusted security solutions are an asset at any time; but what else can Security Guards in London offer your business?

Over the past ten years there has been noticeable development within the private security industry with security professionals becoming much more respected and valued professional service providers. There are now in excess of 360,000 DBS checked Security Industry Authority (SIA) licensed security guards with positive, can-do attitudes. Reputable companies contribute towards and create secure and safe environments and are critical for the protection of people, property and places; indeed, throughout the pandemic they have officially been recognised as key workers. Whilst the police exist to uphold the law and provide us with security the Private Sector exists to secure assets. In addition to providing residential security at private homes and security concierge duties within business establishments in London, security guards have safeguarded warehouses and prevented illegal fly tipping on industrial estates and private property. London security has been enhanced during the lockdown with assistance even being provided to the Metropolitan Police and, in some instances, being used as a partial substitute for them.

The recognition of the security sector is rightly deserved for the security and safety it provides across London and its ability to adapt very quickly to what was, and still is, a rapidly changing crisis. The norms are being challenged in respect of securing client’s assets and buildings but with innovation and adaptability the UK, and London security in particular, can rest assured that public spaces and businesses are capable of being kept safe. As we yoyo throughout various degrees of restrictions and lockdowns security guards will continue to play a crucial role in policing Government guidelines and instilling public confidence.

As business owners or employees, in whatever position you may hold, essential procedures and considerations must be in place to ensure the absolute safety of your team and the general public to which they may have contact within the confines of their work environment outside of their homes. This includes the prevention of cross-contamination, social distancing and the administration of first aid. These factors and that of physical security of your assets by security guards promotes a secure site that is employee friendly and assists in combating infectious diseases such as Covid-19. Similarly, equal responsibility rests on any security company in London and the UK as they face the same dilemmas as those encountered by other businesses so utmost care and personal responsibility must be assumed by those carrying out security work.

The conclusion that can be drawn from restrictions and lockdowns is that three quarters of work forces currently work remotely; subsequently presenting the greatest challenge associated with employees working from home as the enhanced risk of security issues. A disproportionate amount of crime is intrinsically linked to Organised Crime Groups (OCG) for the financing of drugs, and increasingly firearms. Commercial property usage is far lower than at normal times and the future is unclear when this may change.  If assets are to survive the Covid-19 era then the balance of staff health versus property protection must be seriously considered. Some may argue that at times of financial hardship why would one consider the financial implications of security? The most appropriate response to that justifiable concern is critical reverse prediction.

Whilst residential security or office security in London is present your business or home has physicality about it. That is, somebody is there to deter criminals; notice that leak; enforce Government guidelines and prevent unwanted littering. Remote security checks offer a compromise; however, response times are often less than ideal and occasionally priority is given to more vulnerable businesses monitored by the same company. Security guards assume responsibility for property and assets in their care thereby affording you that peace of mind and mental wellbeing in these challenging times and where you and your employees are always their priority.

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