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The importance of having Standard Operating Procedures at a London Security Company

Standardisation is often defined as an activity that gives rise to solutions for repetitive application to a situation or problem in a number of varying disciplines.  Broadly speaking, the activity consists of the process of establishing (determining, formulating and issuing) and implementing a standard.  Therefore, standards are the most perfect result attainable of a standardisation activity and within the context of quality systems consists of quality documents or documents related to that system.  High levels of quality are imperative in the accomplishment of company business objectives.  Quality, a source of competitive benefit, should be and remain symbolic of a London Security Company and the services and products it offers.  High quality is not an additional value; it is an essential elementary necessity.

A London Security Company employee, in all of its organisational units, is responsible for guaranteeing that their work processes are effective and continually improve.  Managers should provide the training and an appropriate motivational environment to enable the support network for teamwork for employees to advance processes.  Ultimately, everyone within the London Security Company is responsible for the quality of its services and products. The management of robust quality systems with their integral quality documents is how best a Security Company in Hampstead through to a Security Company in Westminster, the heart of politics, can achieve its business objectives; this includes its Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

The quality management system evolves by trial and error, with enlarging experience, group discussions between the London Security Company and any relevant stakeholders.  Initially, the focus of attention will be on basic operational SOPs, leading on to record keeping (as more and more SOPs are issued) and filling gaps as practice admits missing links in the chain of Quality Assurance (QA).  Essentially problems will turn up and this can only be expected. One approach is to talk with those it is who you are protecting and ascertain a joint remedy if that is what is required.  If the problem is solely the absence or failure of a procedure then critical self-analysis and integrity is a must.  Remember, QA is a tool rather than a goal; the goal is the quality performance of the company.  Autonomy is self-governance originating from morality, which in turn comes as a consequence of knowledge and self-discipline.  Necessitated SOP use is absolutely related to the sense of self-determination experienced by the employees.  Employee participation in SOP clarification and advancement controls the affiliation between the required SOP use and the sense of self-determination experienced by the employees.

Standard Operating Procedures is a process document describing, in detail, the way that a London Security Guard should perform a given duty.  SOPs involve the purpose of the duty, the equipment required, how to perform the set-up and operations required for the site they are securing, how to perform the routine securitisation and lockdown operations carried out by the Security Guard, a description of safety issues, trouble-shooting, illustrations and checklists.  The SOP is one of many process documents which are required for consistent operations of a given process.  Clearly, a Security Company in Park Lane is likely to have similar parameters to contend with as a Security Company in the City of London owing to the close proximity of commercial premises as opposed to, perhaps residential security for a Security Company in Kensington or a Security Company in Knightsbridge.

The purpose of SOPs today is to guarantee that all Security Guards are performing tasks in the same way which is required condition to get the expected output from the process.  When all Security Guards perform their tasks constantly it becomes possible to run controlled experiments to test the impact of changing various process parameters, if required. When a process change is shown to improve performance, SOPs are updated and Security Guards are trained to the new procedures.    Ideas are not creative simply because they deviate from organised knowledge; ideas are creative when they are suitable to the task at hand.  SOPs are a great low-cost tool to transform a London Security Company from being a person-driven one to a process-driven one.

Here are some bullet points to simplify and highlight the more practical aspects of the more theoretical aspects above and should be an essential quality when considering which London Security Company is best suited to protect your assets:

  • Be they a new employee or an experienced employee, training with the aid of an SOP will sharpen skills and reduce defects or errors in their day-to- day activities.
  • SOPs convey an organisation’s intention in a court-of-law. A well developed SOP with supporting documentation showing that the necessary training was imparted to the employee portrays professionalism and can favour the organisation in case of accidents.  Training for a Security Company in Marble Arch, a particularly busy tourist location or a Security Company in Trafalgar Square, equally so, may lend itself to a higher risk factor than say a Security Company in Regents Park.
  • SOPs clearly establish the roles and responsibilities of the Security Guards working at various locations. SOPs introduce immense clarity in understanding one’s own job, eliminates confusion among colleagues and avoids blame-gaming.
  • In a London Security Company where they have multiple sites or are spread across a wider geography, SOPs bring consistency to their operations and clearly establishes the brand image in the client’s mind.
  • An SOP identifies the London Security Company’s responsibilities in maintaining the functioning of a process. It becomes the responsibility of them to continuously improve the SOP with best practices.
  • SOPs help in auditing a process for its validity and to establish the deviation between the documented and actual performance.
  • SOPs demonstrate the process orientation and commitment towards improvement thus enhancing appreciation by the clients and, in turn, boosting the London Security Company credibility.  When considering Retail Security, providing a Security Company in Knightsbridge or a Security Company in Regents Street word of mouth and reputation are critical.
  • When Security Guards follow SOPs that are thoroughly evaluated for best practice and safe operation they infinitely increase the safety and security of both the Security Guards performing the security, the client’s staff and those in the vicinity.
  • A London Security Company that establishes sound SOPs for their site security functions and ultimate protection of their client may attract reduced insurance premiums as mitigation of  exposed risks are reduced.
  • For public safety and national security, London Security Company is mandated by the respective governing and regulatory bodies to establish and follow SOPs.  A Security Company in Hyde Park or a Security Company in Regents Park may well consider more carefully their obligations for public safety under the Security Industry Authority regulations within their SOPs owing to the abundance of public space perhaps differently to a Security Company in Clerkenwell.
  • In case of long or multiple scenarios requiring processes to be implemented, human memory limitations thus increase the possibility of missing certain actions. SOPs in conjunction with a check list helps immensely; especially so if 24 hour availability of supervisors and/or managers in these situations is an established communication part of the SOP.

Your assets are important to you for a multitude of reasons; financial, emotional, intellectual, privacy, the list goes on.  Making sure you have the best available London Security Company to protect these assets should include the satisfaction that it will be done so in a professional and controlled manner and provoke questions such as “What if this occurs?”, “What if that occurs?” and “How is it going to be dealt with?”  The most appropriate London Security Company is an established one that can evidence a history of positive reviews with equaled evidence of being able to produce professional, detailed and considered Standard Operating Procedures individually tailored for both yours and their requirements.

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