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What parameters should be considered when choosing a Security Company in London?

No two organizations share exact security needs and that is why your security plan should be tailored to individual requirements and implemented by a combination of the right personnel, technology and training in conjunction with responsive local and site management.  With the addition of excellent customer service a Security Company in London will build an enduring customer/client relationship.

Acquiring such a composite team begins with understanding the specific needs of your organization and creating a security plan that both meets and anticipates that plan and its subsequent threats resulting in a partnership that is sustainable and provides professional, proactive and reliable solutions.

Choosing the most appropriate Security Company in London is a decision that will significantly and undoubtedly affect the security and safety of your organization; hence, it is imperative the provider is committed to the success of your organization’s security program and organizational culture.

So what factors should be of primary consideration to you when identifying the most suitable Security Company in London?


  • Leadership –A successful Security Company in London should have strong leadership throughout its organization.  This not only provides differing levels of management for tactical and strategic purposes but provides for good oversight.  Security Guards should be on-site and engaged and be prepared to go the extra mile in the ongoing pursuance of your safety, security and customer service.


  • Security Expertise –The company must be capable of assisting and guiding your organization, where required, in identifying and implementing specific, specialized and bespoke security measures that incorporate your security plan with your business plan.  The manner in which this is undertaken should be professional and with the appropriate level of decorum, appearance and integrity.  Often these skills are found naturally in those who have previous service within the military, police or similar disciplined organizations; however, it is not a specific requirement.  The ability, however, to offer a full range of security measures including static, mobile patrol or dog patrols, CCTV and concierge duties or close protection demonstrates the commitment of the security provider’s knowledge and expertise.


  • Staffing –A reputable Security Company in London must possess the ability to staff all posts for every shift regardless of the time of year.  Criminals do not take annual leave at the same time as the rest of the community so premises are at their most vulnerable during holiday periods; not only for criminal attacks but naturally occurring issues such as burst water pipes or environmental damage.  Therefore, security providers must operate on a 24/7, 365 days per year basis and be capable of ensuring your security plan objectives are met and supported by any necessary back-up as required.


  • Communication –Open lines of communication enables the efficient and effective response to changing circumstances.  A Security Company in London must be capable of being contacted 24/7 and have the flexibility to adapt accordingly and fluidly to risk assessment changes.


  • Quality and Responsibility –Corporate and social responsibilities to staff, customers, suppliers and the community as a whole are integral to trusting partnerships. Commitment to conducting business in a manner which achieves sustainable growth whilst meeting legal, moral and ethical values are necessary in a multi-cultural society such as London.  Achieving business objectives in a caring and responsible manner whilst recognizing the economic, social and environmental impacts of activities is representative of a professional security provider.  Review the training that companies provide to their staff as many security providers offer no personal development.  For example, a professional and reputable Security Company in London will provide conflict management or self-defence training to their Security Guards or perhaps incentive schemes for performance and commitment.


  • Value –Transparency is essential and goes hand in hand with integrity.  Is the company capable of doing what it says it can and is it value for money?  Are the costs involved fair and not reflective of the success of the potential employer or do the costs appear too low?  This could be representative of a security provider desperate for work or indeed reflect the level of security professionalism you will receive.

Relevant licensing from the Security Industry Authority (SIA) is legally required by all private security companies based in the United Kingdom.  Employees of those companies must also hold the correct licence for the type of security work they undertake.  In addition to these mandatory provisions there are other accreditations that set the top security providers apart from the rest and go some way to showing their attitude and approach towards the security environment.

The Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) provides a hallmark of the standard within the security industry through rigorous assessments.


“ISO 9001Certified” means an organization has met the requirements which defines a Quality Management System (QMS) and evaluates whether that QMS is appropriate and effective.  Furthermore, it forces the holder of the accreditation to identify and implement improvements.


CHAS and SAFE Contractor are examples of a number of accreditations recognised by Safety Schemes In Procurement (SSIP) which is an initiative introduced by the HSE aimed at avoiding the bureaucratic burden of repetitive competency assessment procedures adopted in the construction industry.

Accreditation to CHAS, SAFE Contractor or other schemes recognised by SSIP is often a pre-requisite to being awarded contracts for many clients. While some clients will still adopt lengthy pre-qualification procedures, the purpose of schemes recognised under SSIP is to demonstrate that the accredited company has been externally verified for basic safety compliance to avoid repeating the process on every tender.


A Security Company in London is extremely likely, and expected, to provide the necessary security protection to diverse cultures and communities without prejudice.  Some communities are often more vulnerable than others when considering security threat assessments.  Some security providers have particular accreditations that reassure potential clients as to their commitment to those communities.  Despite such accreditations it does not mean that all other clients are any less protected by those companies.  An example of such can be accessed by the following link.


A professional Security Company in London that is accredited to one or more of the above organizations is able to provide a broad range of security that fits your company’s specific needs.  Such security providers are able to offer excellent services to all areas of London including the following:

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Reputation counts for everything within the security industry regardless of whether you require a Security Company in Islington, Security Company in Camden, Security Company in Marylebone, Security Company in Westminster, Security Company in Southwark or a Security Company in Barnet.  That reputation is carried, first and foremost, by its employees, often those on the front line, and by word of mouth via existing or past clients.  If the attitude and reputation of those providing the physical security impresses you then rest assured, the management structure of the whole security provider is highly likely to portray the same professionalism.

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