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Security Risk Specialists Ltd (SRS), a London-based Security Guarding company, is proud to have won a contract for the provision of security and concierge services for a luxury residential development in central London. Home to beautiful residential buildings, a canal and two of London’s loveliest parks, Regent’s Park is undoubtedly one of the capital’s most desirable locations. With its leafy surroundings and strong community feeling it is sometimes easy to forget that such a peaceful

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The importance of having Standard Operating Procedures at a London Security Company

Standardisation is often defined as an activity that gives rise to solutions for repetitive application to a situation or problem in a number of varying disciplines.  Broadly speaking, the activity consists of the process of establishing (determining, formulating and issuing) and implementing a standard.  Therefore, standards are the most perfect result attainable of a standardisation activity and within the context of quality systems consists of quality documents or documents related to that

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Case Study: SRS Security Dog Unit Foiling Crime in Southwark

It was early one freezing January morning and one of our dog handlers was patrolling an industrial estate in Old Kent Road. At 3am he noticed that the perimeter fencing had been breached and over thirty squatters were congregating within a fenced off area. Keeping calm he quickly made contact with the Metropolitan Police and with the SRS on duty Operation’s Manager while continually observing and monitoring the situation. Given the size of the group and conscious of personal safety he wisely e

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What parameters should be considered when choosing a Security Company in London?

No two organizations share exact security needs and that is why your security plan should be tailored to individual requirements and implemented by a combination of the right personnel, technology and training in conjunction with responsive local and site management.  With the addition of excellent customer service a Security Company in London will build an enduring customer/client relationship. (more…)

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Hotel Security in London

Hotel management is, without doubt, an extremely challenging role. The continual movement of guests, in whichever guise that may be, leaving and entering the premises is problematic when considering the safety and security of those users and the hotel employees. (more…)

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How Safe and Efficient is your Business?

Covid-19 has had an accumulative effect upon businesses and industries as a whole, culminating in a real acceleration of pressures on public services and those who support them. As we re-enter a second lockdown period, and perhaps not the final one, the risk of social unrest is highly likely. (more…)

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