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The Best of Both Worlds – SRS Brings Security Skills to a new concierge contract in Shoreditch

Security Risk Specialists are delighted to announce a new contract providing Front of House/Security Concierge Services in London for an exclusive, mixed-use office and residential block in the heart of Shoreditch. The Cordy House project is a collection of seven prestigious apartments and nearly 25,000 sq feet of modern industrial media-style office space, including five bespoke office spaces, a separate office reception area with an original graffiti feature wall, and a residential reception

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SRS in Romford: A Case Study on the importance of using Security Guards in tandem with Remote CCTV Monitoring in a warehouse setting where high-value goods are stored

In 2018 SRS was asked to advise a large corporation on security needs for an empty Warehouse outside of London where they were planning to store goods. Due to the number and the value of the goods we advised that security would be required outside of the operational hours, and that they should use both CCTV and live security guards. (more…)

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SRS in Hampstead: A Case Study in Protecting North London

A few months ago, we published a case study exploring how we protected residents in Surrey from repeated burglary attacks. We described how we used security dogs alongside patrols to deter the thieves who had successfully struck many times in the past. The venture was a success, with no more possessions being stolen while we watched over the neighbourhood. (more…)

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Krav Maga Training for SRS Security Guards in London

Krav Maga is a modern physical defence system developed in the years after World War Two. Its effective and powerful counter-attacks make it an excellent tool of defence, and for this reason it is widely employed by the Israeli security forces, as well as by Security Risk Specialists’ to train its guards. (more…)

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