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Petty Crime is far from trivial when Central London’s Corporate Offices are targeted

Just as the year started on the 2nd January, The Evening Standard reported that Scotland Yard will:

“no longer investigate low level crimes if officers have to look at CCTV for more than 20 minutes. Met Officers have also been told that they should drop investigations into thousands of offences if no CCTV is available”.

For Security Risk Specialists this brings into focus for us the importance of having professionally installed and carefully monitored CCTV footage so that where incidents occur we have the right resources at our fingertips to provide the police with the information and evidence that they need to support their investigations.

On the 22nd December at 03:20, two burglars with their faces covered broke in to one of the Central London premises secured by Security Risk Specialists. Using a van with a false registration plate, they parked right outside the building obscuring the window they broke to gain entrance and started to load laptops and tablets into large bags they had brought with them.

Large Bag Filled With Stolen Things

The SRS guard on site acted in an exemplary manner, shouting, challenging and chasing the two men away.  As a result of our guard’s vigilance and direct action, the two men fled from the site leaving the goods and their van behind and thwarting the theft of our clients’ equipment and their all-important customer and personnel data.  The SRS Guard cited the importance of the Krav Maga training we provided for him which equipped him with the practical tools and confidence to confront the intruders.

The police were presented with CCTV footage and were able to recover the van involved.

Robbers Van

We have witnessed similar break-in attempts at corporate sites across London, with criminals targeting primarily laptops, tablets and mobile phones which are considered the most desirable items, but also metal (from air-conditioning units), bicycles and mopeds are targeted by criminals.  We urge all our existing and potential clients and neighbours in London to ensure that their office premises have fully operating intruder alarms and CCTV systems, and, where appropriate guards on site conducting regular patrols.  In addition to this please do reiterate to your employees that all valuables should be concealed and ideally locked away if left over night.

SRS is a Clerkenwell based company with a particularly strong presence in Central London, Midtown and the City of London.  We are proud to raise the standards of security and customer service, and we do so by investing in training for our personnel and support them in their duties with an exceptional, highly experienced management team.

Whether it be Corporate Offices or Hotel security in Central London, we have the expertise, industry knowledge and diligent, committed staff who are poised and ready to protect your Central London Business effectively around the clock.

If you are interested in hearing how SRS can help your company please call us now to arrange a free risk assessment – 020 3004 4189.

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