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Providing Trusted Close Protection Bodyguards in London

Bodyguards, (also known as Close Protection Officers), are not just for celebrities or high profile individuals but they can provide both long term and short term protection for ordinary people who for any reason may be feeling under threat. Bodyguards are used in London for numerous reasons, and at Security Risk Specialist we are equipped to address every danger posed to individuals and their families or businesses, to protect them from harm or embarrassment, and to offer them the most suitable Close Protection Bodyguard to meet their particular needs.

Although Close Protection Bodyguards in London and the UK are not armed, they are predominantly from military and strong self defence backgrounds. All of our Close Protection Bodyguards are highly trained in physical defence, risk mitigation, risk assessment and physical intervention. We have Close Protection Bodyguards who are qualified in advanced specialist driving and all our Bodyguards are first aid trained. Where requested we can provide Bodyguards with specific language skills.

Our Close Protection Bodyguards are professional, discreet and constantly alert. Our London based Bodyguards are Israeli trained and use behavioural profiling, which includes body language evaluation and identification ‘behavioural indicators’, as part of their risk assessment procedure. Clients can choose to have a highly visible Bodyguard whose presence will deter approaches, or to have a Bodyguard who may be perceived as a colleague or friend but who will be able to act immediately to neutralise any threats or potential threats.

We specialise in providing Bodyguards in London for a range of clients from corporate executives, diplomats, high profile or high net worth individuals to visitors to London on business trips or vacations, or ordinary people in need of protection.  We have a unique, in-depth knowledge of Security in London and an understanding of the different regions and risks they may pose.  All of our bodyguards are familiar with London’s particular character and aware of how best to operate within the city.

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