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SRS Wins a New Contract For a Landmark Residential Building

SRS is delighted to have been selected as the company of choice for concierge and security services for a landmark residential building. At 135 metres tall and comprising of 546 luxury apartments, an art gallery and café over two towers spanning up to 44 storeys, this new and innovative development is an iconic addition to London’s skyline.

SRS will be providing around the clock security-concierge services acting as front of house ambassadors greeting and supporting residents, directing guests and efficiently coordinating deliveries, contractors, post and visitors at this vibrant and lively site.

During the evenings our team will ensure a safe environment is enjoyed by all, warding off unwanted or undesirable trespassers, preventing tail-gating, addressing anti-social behaviour and lease infringements and assisting with out of hours mechanical and engineering or other issues. SRS will provide regular Health & Safety checks including fire, electrical and water checks. Our Security- Concierge team will take control of the implementation of emergency and evacuation procedures and be the point of contact for co-ordination until the arrival of the relevant emergency services.

Residents will be able to rely on SRS to be a reassuring and reliable presence acting as the first port of call for all their requirements, day and night.

As SRS we pride ourselves on offering a bespoke approach and tailoring our security concierge services to each individual client’s need.  In this role we serve as ‘The Face’ of the client and work in partnership with them in order to achieve their strategic objectives and formulate a shared plan and agreed procedures. We will endeavour to uphold the company’s values of professionalism, commitment and customer-focused security services and aim to stand out for our impeccable and effective service.

The role of a Security-Concierge company is one that demands attention to detail and a range of skills.  A welcoming and relaxed atmosphere is essential in the traditional sense of concierge duties; however, it requires something extra to integrate first-class customer service and high levels of etiquette with equal levels of security expertise and ability.  The result is a Security Industry Authority (SIA) registered, well presented, confident individual who is well integrated within a team which provides support, continuity, and consistency.

The benefits of a Security-Concierge service over the traditional Security-Guarding service to residential apartments are numerous, the SRS combined approach combines front of house etiquette with security skills, blending the two skills allows those who reside or are otherwise engaged in or around the building to go about their business with the confidence of a safe and secure yet welcoming environment.  The list below summarises how we can provide you with high level Security-Concierge Service:

  • Physical security – the mere presence is perhaps the greatest deterrence to would-be offenders engaged in crime
  • Reassurance – the ability for those living in residential buildings that their environment has a firewall
  • CCTV monitoring – facilities may be capable of securing an area with numerous cameras and smart access control systems but these also require the human factor to oversee and respond accordingly to unusual activity
  • Fire Control Monitoring – although a legal requirement in many residential buildings for electronic monitoring to be installed, the ever presence of a security-concierge member should not be under-estimated in the ability to organise and direct staff or residents in the event of an emergency
  • Deliveries – the control and acceptance of daily and time-consuming mail movements
  • Conduit of Communications – a reliable and knowledgeable coordinator who can act as a Single Point Of Contact (SPOC)
  • Ancillary Aggravations – for example fly-tipping, drug users, vagrants or other vulnerable people can be monitored or assisted as required.

At Security Risk Specialists we pride ourselves on providing excellent service and fostering an environment where respect and values are regarded highly by all staff.  Frequent interaction between SRS personnel and their managers, excellent communication and an emphasis on training is at the heart of what we do and enables us to ensure we provide a professional and approachable Security-Concierge service across London.

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