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Is tailgating in London an unavoidable risk or can security measures diminish this threat?

Tailgating is one of the most frequent and widespread security breaches affecting numerous locations including schools, residential premises and office buildings. It is a common problem and most respondents believe they are vulnerable to a tailgating security breach. It is a physical security breach whereby an unauthorized person follows an authorized individual to enter what is typically a secure area and is often innocently carried out by a resident or employee politely holding a door open for someone. That person may be a visitor not displaying a pass or badge, someone in a uniform who appears to be a worker or some other type of subterfuge. The gesture may seem harmless and something done without a thought; however, such lapses in security have significant potential in causing great damage.

Assuming that somebody entering a secured area is an employee or a contractor is the reason why breaches are often so successful. Fraudsters know too well that residents or employees feel uncomfortable confronting strangers or denying them access, more so if it is a large organisation with a variety of staff and contractors.

It is essential that you are aware of your surroundings and have the confidence in questioning anything believed to be suspicious. The reality is that crime can be committed by someone you had no knowledge was in your building. Should an unauthorised person gain access their intentions could range from theft of equipment to physical acts of violence.

Tailgating is not limited to individuals on foot but also includes vehicles following other vehicles into restricted areas. A classic example of this scenario is when the closure time of a barrier or gates is sufficiently long enough to facilitate more than one vehicle being able to proceed through that barrier.

Consequently, the results of tailgating can vary from financial loss and damage to reputational damage to a company. If a location is perceived as having weak security it may attract further and more regular unwanted attention.~~

What can you do to prevent tailgating?

  • Educate users on the risks associated with tailgating and have a clear policy in place with guidelines and procedures on what to do should an unauthorised person gain access
  • Always be aware of anyone following you through a door, barrier or other controlled access. Politely challenge them and accompany to their chosen location or report their presence if something doesn’t feel right
  • Bring attention to any individual you see trying to slip through security measures
  • Do not hold doors or other points of access open for anyone
  • Report any suspicious individuals to the security guard or appropriate personnel on site
  • If you find a door does not automatically close or shut properly make sure this is promptly reported

The responsibility of security belongs to everyone. It is essential to establish a security culture that encourages and motivates everyone to think and act in a security-conscious manner and recognise the devastating impact a security breach could have.

Physical methods to protect premises from tailgating include:

  • Ensuring the swift and secure closing of doors.
  • Photo I.D. presented and physically inspected on entry.
  • CCTV surveillance.
  • Smart cards housing multiple credentials.
  • Multi-factor information.
  • Bio-metrics
  • Photo-sensors and turnstiles to a single person at a time.
  • London security guards

Some locations can be more vulnerable to tailgating than others. Schools are potential high risk zones and it can be the case that electronic functions are not as efficient as personnel specifically appointed to protect premises. A London security guard who is capable of monitoring the situation directly will be more effective than an access-controlled gate or vehicle barrier Electronic features working in conjunction with physical security can provide the optimum combination.

Security Risk Specialists (SRS) is a London security company fully averse with the skills, experience and knowledge of physical and electronic integration to the highest standards. As a guarding company in London for a number of years, SRS offers individually tailored security advice across the London spectrum and is wholly capable and successful in providing bespoke security and 24/7 security support to guarantee the peace of mind expected by residents, visitors and employees.

With ongoing and successful deployments of London security guards at business premises, hotels, schools and residential and commercial properties, Security Risk Specialists are well placed to advise on security threats, provide risk assessments and offer on site training to combat tailgating and other security concerns.

Please contact us should you require any further information on how Security Risk Specialists can protect your premises.

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