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The 4 Secrets of a Top Class Concierge Service

There’s more to a concierge service than signing in visitors and accepting packages. A top class concierge service for an office or block of flats will offer far more.

1. A great first impression. As the old saying goes: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” This applies as much to your home and your business as it does to the people you meet. With an office or block of flats, that first impression comes when your visitor steps through the front door and is greeted at the reception desk.

Is the person behind the desk smartly dressed? Are they attentive and welcoming? A stressful or unpleasant experience for visitors can damage your business. In contrast, efficiency and a warm smile get a relationship off on the right foot.

All our staff are trained in grooming, etiquette and customer service. They combine just the right amount of professionalism and friendliness.

2. Site specific service Every property and every business are different. A concierge service should be tailored to suit each individual site or company. This means adopting the company’s ethos when greeting staff, visitors or residents, and when performing the duties involved.

Our staff receive detailed guidelines for each of our sites to ensure a high quality, professional service suited to each client.

3. Discreet security. The best concierge services keep clients safe without giving the appearance of oppressive security. Sometimes a highly visible security presence can be off putting; it needs to be discreet.

A good concierge service will include security services such as site patrol, CCTV monitoring and 24 hour emergency response. This will keep your premises or business secure but in an inconspicuous way.

We provide these services and more including car park monitoring, 24-hour emergency call response and a key holding service.

4. A full package of services. Most clients are looking for a complete service that extends beyond receiving visitors and security. Buildings often require a 24-hour, seven day a week service. It’s these additional services that help businesses run smoothly. This can include telephone answering, taxi reservation, and receiving and distributing incoming parcels. We all these services and more.

This testimonial was received from one of our concierge services clients:

Yair and his team provided our development with competent and attentive staff on a very tight schedule. Our residents in Victoria, Central London have been delighted by Security Risk Specialist’s concierge services and this has allowed our company to kick on to the next level. Security Risk Specialists offer a five star service for a very reasonable price.

For full details of the concierge services we offer go to Concierge Services or call us on 020 3004 4189 .

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