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The Best of Both Worlds – SRS Brings Security Skills to a new concierge contract in Shoreditch

Security Risk Specialists are delighted to announce a new contract providing Front of House/Security Concierge Services in London for an exclusive, mixed-use office and residential block in the heart of Shoreditch. The Cordy House project is a collection of seven prestigious apartments and nearly 25,000 sq feet of modern industrial media-style office space, including five bespoke office spaces, a separate office reception area with an original graffiti feature wall, and a residential reception with polished concrete floors and a stairwell that boasts a “Neoplast”-formed ripple-effect exposed concrete finish. The building also contains bike stores and showers in the basement.

While creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere is fundamental to the traditional concierge role, SRS’s Security Concierge Service takes pride in working with individuals who are talented at providing not only first-class customer service but also protecting a site and preventing intruders from entering. Prior to delivering both top-class traditional concierge services and discreet yet high-level security, our personnel undergo etiquette training in order to maintain high levels of individual service day and night. Thus, with SRS Front of House/Security Concierge Services, the client benefits from the best of both worlds: a well-spoken, friendly and welcoming concierge, with the additional skills, subtly concealed, of a fully trained and vetted SIA-licenced guard. 

Through a subtly blended approach of concierge duties with security skills, our Security Concierge personnel liaise with commercial tenants as well as residents; receive, log and distribute packages; liaise and direct building contractors; provide a welcoming reception to guests; provide Health & Safety checks including regular fire/electrical/water leakage-related checks. We also take care of the implementation of evacuation/emergency procedures and provide first port of contact for emergency services. All this, while ensuring that we profile for odd or unusual behaviour of all people visiting the building, monitor CCTV, and patrol the site in a discreet manner. In all this, our Security Concierge Service performs a subtle balancing act of keeping those who live or work in the building safe while not feeling like traditional security. 

Anecdotal evidence demonstrate how SRS’s Security Concierge Service in London can be of great value to our clients. Central London sites can be subject to anti-social behaviour from youths and occasionally vagrants who can disturb the peace, and whereas the traditional meet-and-greet concierge is not trained to deal with such incidents, nor is expected to, our guards handle potential disruptions with the minimum of fuss and to the most positive effect. When it comes to good old-fashioned customer care, on the other hand, we had a call from a resident at another, similar site concerned about water ingress on their apartment ceiling. Our concierge made polite enquiries with the resident of the flat above and isolated the main water valve as the suspected source of the problem, as it was past midnight and water was not going to be needed that night. Our Security Concierge performed this service in coordination with the owners of both flats in a polite and respectful manner. This was a pro-active and sensible solution to the problem at hand, given that the contractor who had been called out was unable to attend for a further nine hours after the problem had been detected.

J. Perkins, the property manager of a residential building overseen by our Security Concierge Service, says: “Yair and his team provided our development with competent and attentive staff on a very tight schedule. Our residents in Victoria, Central London have been delighted by Security Risk Specialist’s concierge services and this has allowed our company to kick on to the next level. Security Risk Specialists offer a five-star service for a very reasonable price.” 

L. Dobson, the facilities manager at a flagship office headquarters tells us:“SRS have always done a sterling job for us (often at such short notice as well!!!).”

These two rather different examples exemplify how our Security Concierge Service combines to bring our clients the best of both worlds. As you can tell, there’s a great deal more to our security concierge service than signing in visitors and accepting packages. In short, SRS’s Security Concierge Service in London always abides by the four secrets of top-class provision, whether the site is an office building or residential block: 1. Create a great first impression. First impressions are key. As the old saying goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” 2. Always make services site specific. 3. Make security paramount yet discreet. And 4. Provide the client with the full package of the services they need. 

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